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According to the Central Bank's  2015 Private Motor Insurance Statistics report, there are 1.7  million motor insurance policies in Ireland. With many renewals due in January, we look at some of the best sales promotions insurance companies have executed around the world.

    1. Diamond

Diamond is a car insurance company for women in the UK. They've taken the slogan 'Diamond...a girl's best friend' and adapted it to their company branding. Diamond offer their customer great offers and prizes through their loyalty programme -  Diamond Extra. Prizes include designer handbags, ipads, gift cards and many more. Customer simply post a video online with their friend and they can win some of the many prizes available on their rewards platform. Motivating customer to post video content is great way to drive engagement and fresh content.


    2. Be Wiser Insurance

Be Wiser in the UK covers car, home, van and even bike insurance. Motorbike insurance is one of their core offerings and they included a "Wiser Bikers" page on their website. This page is all about providing relevant and interesting content to this core demographic.  Most of the content is on biking news but also includes competitions. They have some great prizes such as tickets to British Superbike events and the chance to meet the Be Wiser Ducati team and riders. 


   3. BCCA Insurance

 BCCA in the US is no stranger to rewarding customers. At the moment the company is hosting a competition to give away a Toyota Prius LP - the second one they've given away this year. To enter, customers sign up for free Renewal Alerts. They'll receive notifications for when they need to renewal their insurance, and exclusive offers and discounts. The opportunity to win a car is a great sales promotion to incease your database permissions.

Ad To Win A Toyota Prius Sales Promotion Insurance


    5. Suncorp Life

According to Lifewise, only 4% of Australians with dependent children have adequate levels of Life Insurance cover. It's a problem because more than 3/4 Australians will be diagnosed with a serious illness in their working lives. 

Suncorp in Australia launched a brilliant sales promotion in February. Customers that took out a new life protection insurance policy were entered in the draw to win a holiday. It wasn't just any holiday, the lucky winner received a family holiday worth $10,000. 


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